February 22, 2020

Wisdom in Faith

Wisdom in Faith

The two sides to faith according to Heb. 11:1 are substance (confidence) and evidence (proof). Faith makes you believe that what you are trusting God for will come through, although you have not experienced it by your physical senses. Wisdom gives you the ability to use your experience and knowledge about God to make faith-based decisions. Application of wisdom while acting in faith makes your faith more effective. Wisdom is required for everyday life, including when you exercise your faith.

These are some of the ways you could express your faith with wisdom:

  1. Position: You must be in the right position with God both physically and spiritually. Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-7 had one goal – which was to see who Jesus was, but he was of short stature. He decided to strategically position himself on a sycamore tree for improved visibility and to avoid distractions. Coming into God’s presence is an act of faith, but maintaining focus is a demonstration of wisdom. I perceive that what God wants to do in this season is so big that you must be strategically positioned to receive it. Be wise, don’t miss out on God.
  2. Persistence: Every time you act in faith, there will be opposition in various ways including friends and family by a way of discouraging you or despising your decision. When this happens, Heb. 11:6 requires you to show wisdom through diligence and tenacity. Blind Bartimaeus in Mark. 10:46 – 49 provides us a classical example. His call on Jesus for mercy is an act of faith, but his persistence despite the huge opposition is a demonstration of wisdom. 2 Peter. 1: 5 encourages us to give all diligence to our faith.
  3. Projection: This is your forecast of a future situation based on your study of present condition. The woman with the flow of blood in Matt. 9:18-26 used her knowledge of what she knew Jesus could do to predict a better condition for her health. She applied wisdom to take a faith-based decision to receive her healing. People project different things into their lives through their words and thoughts. Eph. 3:20 confirms that God can do whatever we ask (pray) or think (imagine). It is wisdom to align your words and thoughts with positive projections of your desired situation.
  4. Pray Big: Could it be that the reason why answer to your prayers is delayed was that you are asking for things God considered are too small? You cannot serve a big God and ask for small things. It is wisdom to start asking God in faith for big things and big dreams. Be bold in your requests. If what you are asking for is what your salary can accomplish or is within your capability, then it may not be big enough. Always remember that God is moved by your faith but more importantly by faith that is combined with wisdom.

Wisdom in Faith

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Message by: Pastor Segun Koleoso
Text: Heb. 11:1
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